UPDATE 3/35/2020: 7th and 8th grade Spanish classes please note that emails were sent out with information regarding Google Classroom. I have created a Google Classrooms for each grade. Here are the access codes:

7th Spanish: ihpeh3h

8th Spanish: n4gsabk

Students are being asked to join Spanish GC and their first assignment it to join Duolingo, via the link provided on GC. We will use this site to practice Spanish at home. This can only help your grade.



Spanish for both 7th and 8th grade will be postponed until further notice. I advise that students review their notes and work and watch episodes of their favorite shows in Spanish, if possible. Youtube offers a great show, “Buena Gente.” We began watching these videos earlier in the year, and are a great way to practice Spanish.

Click Here for Buena Gente Youtube Videos