Please see Google Classroom for all work. All handouts are on Google Classroom. Please turn in only to the classroom. Thanks! 

English-Week 2-3/23-3/27-Google Code: ktwudnx

  • read pages 49-68 in One Crazy Summer

  • complete vocab handouts from last Friday

  •  comprehension pages found on Google Classroom and here→one-crazy-summer-ch.-8-11

  • If you are not using Google Classroom, make sure all of your emailed homework is sent as an attachment, not a picture. I will not accept homework sent as pictures as they are too difficult to read. Thank you.

Social Studies-Week 2-3/23-3/27-Google Code: 7pjggoj 

  • Complete all handouts given to you on Friday, March 13th. This includes the Martin Luther Timeline and the Luther on Faith primary source document. 

  • Complete your test on Chapter 8. This has 5 pages, make sure you do all 5 pages. The test can be found on Google Classroom and also here→ch-8-p.-5 ch-8-test-p-4 ch-8-test-p.-3 chapter-8-p.-2 ch.-8-test-p.1  

English-Week 1-3/16-3/20

  •  all reading pages due 3/20

  • Read pages 1-48 in One Crazy Summer and complete handouts. Comprehension pages are found here→one-crazy-summer-p-7-15

  •  Complete vocab pages. Vocab found here →one-crazy-summer-vocabulary

  • There is no need to complete the vocab extension unless you’d like a few points extra credit. If you do the vocab extension, please let me know so I know to look for it. 

Social Studies-Week 1-3/16-3/20

  • Please note that it was guided reading 8-2, not 9-2 that was assigned.

  • Note reformation 8-1 and 8-2 handouts have been added to homework assignments. If you need them just click on them. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. 

  • If you haven’t turned in guided reading 8-1 as of yet please make sure to do so. It was due on Friday, March 13th. I won’t count it late as Friday was so chaotic. (Due 3/16) Here is a list of students that have turned in 8-1: Lauren, Victor, Victoria, Eva, Chloe, Addison, Alyssa, Caleb, Cash, Keith, Isabel, and  Madilyn. Guided reading handout 8-1 found→ reformation-8-1

  • Read pages 431-434 and complete guided reading handout 8-2. This should have been given to you on Friday. If you didn’t get it, email me and I’ll upload it to the homework page on Monday. (Due 3/18)  Guided reading handout 8-2 found→ reformation-8-2

  • Read pages 436-441 and complete questions on page 441 #1-7 (Due 3/19)