Week of May 4th

Social Studies

Due on Sunday, May 10th

  • Please read pages 514-523 in your history book and complete quiz 11-1.
  • Read religion handouts posted in Google Classroom and answer the questions that go with the readings. This will count towards your religion grade.


Due Sunday, May 10th

  • Finish reading the book this week and complete the comprehension pages attached in Google Classroom.
  • Now that you’re finished reading One Crazy Summer, please take the AR quiz for the book.
    Link to AR testing: https://hosted5.renlearn.com/268591
    Your passwords have not changed.

Please see Google Classroom for all work. All handouts are on Google Classroom. Please turn in only to the classroom. Thanks! 

English Google Code: ktwudnx

Social Studies Google Code: 7pjggoj