*all assignments subject to change

Homework is typically any work that is not finished during the class period.

8th grade has a poetry portfolio due on December 6th.

8th Social Studies


T- notes in class-guided reading 5-1, 5-2, homework

W-notes in class-guided reading 5-3, homework

TH- Alien and Sedition acts homework

F- Monroe Doctrine homework

8th Language Arts


T-analyze poetry read in class today-homework

W-metaphor worksheet in class, analyze American Pie elegy poem-homework

TH-analyze O Captain poem read in class today-homework

F-poetry puzzly review for Monday poetry terms test-work on portfolio at home

7th Social Studies


T-no homework

W-notes in class-no homework

TH-no homework

F-guided reading 4-1 homework

7th Language Arts


T- analyze poem read in class today-homework

W-analyze poem read in class today-homework and puzzle for poetry terms homework

TH-silent reading in class/honor roll assembly today

F- poetry terms test and analyze poem read in class today-homework

6th Social Studies 


T-study guide-homework

W-no homework

TH-Kahoot review in class

F-chapter 3 test 

6th Religion

M-no Bible verse test this week


W- work on chapel presentation and finish handout 


F- work on chapel presentation