*all assignments subject to change

8th Social Studies

M-Colonies unit packet 

T-prize for Fun Run 

W-reading in class on The Great Awakening and Slave Trade

TH- prize for Fun Run 

F- The Great Awakening and Sinners in the Hands…primary document handout

8th Language Arts

M-Outsider packet 

T-Fun Run prize

W-Outsider vocabulary/packet work

TH-Fun Run prize

F- Outsider vocabulary/packet work

7th Social Studies


T-map of Middle East

W- guided reading handout 

TH-PBS movie Islamic Empires w/guided notes in class

F-finish PBS movie Islamic Empires w/guided notes in class

7th Language Arts

M- Ch. 1-16 review assessment 

T- reading packet

W-work on Walk Two Moons vocab and figurative language 

TH-silent reading in class

F-work on Walk Two Moons packet

6th Social Studies 


T-New Empires handout in class  

W-review for units 2 & 3 in class

TH-study guide going home 

F-review study guide and Kahoot in class for test on Tuesday 

6th Religion

M-study guide for test 


W- study for bible verse test

TH- study for bible verse test 

F- test