Dear Christ Lutheran Families,                                                                              

The school board has decided to continue the school closure until Monday, May 4

The board realizes that the recent announcement by Governor Newsome to cancel public schools for the remainder of the year has raised a lot of questions and concerns. We are continually monitoring the situation and will update as necessary. 

Let us start by saying that although the campus will be closed, we are fully committed to the continued education of your child. It is important that students fully understand that learning will continue via our distance learning program.  

Distance learning will resume on Monday, April 6 as previously scheduled. All of our teachers have been actively creating lesson plans and will be available throughout the course of each school day. Please contact your child’s teacher if you need help accessing online classes or if you would like to schedule any one on one tutoring.  

Report cards will be going home next week and it is important to get your child’s work turned in. If you are having difficulty please know that we are here to help. Contact your child’s teacher for any assistance.

Grades TK- 3  On Wednesday, April 8, 9am-12 we will have someone in the office to collect all the work that has been completed and to hand out new packets. Report cards will be mailed home on April 17. These packets will also be available online on their homework page at Online enrichment activities will also be made available online.

Grades  4 –5 On Wednesday, April 8, 9am-12 we will have someone in the office to collect all the work that has been completed. Report cards will be mailed home on April 17. All future work will be available on google classrooms

Grade 6-8 All work should be turned in by April 5 via google classroom. Report cards will be mailed home on the 9th. We still have a few kids that are not participating. It is imperative that they get signed up and get caught up


As Academic learning has continued to take place and has not stopped, April tuition will be charged.  Our school relies on tuition income in order to continue to operate.

Please deduct the following fees from your April Tuition Statement: 

1.     Monthly Daycare fees.  No one will be charged daycare fees for the month of April.

2.     Outdoor Ed Fees.  5th Grade and 7th Grade Outdoor Ed trips have been cancelled. 

Hourly Daycare fees will be due at this time, as they are for services already rendered. Lunch card fees are also due at this time, as they are for new lunch cards issued and will be available for continued use upon our return.  


To assist our families during this trying time, we have decided that it would be helpful to our families to change our current payment installment schedule for the 2020/2021 School Year.  

Our current schedule requires the first payment be paid on May,1. With the second through tenth payment due from August 1st – April 1st.

With our new 10-Month plan, Installments will begin August 1, 2020,and continue through May 1, 2021 (No payments will be due in June or July)

We want you as parents to feel comfortable and confident about leaving your child(ren) in our care knowing we will keep them safe.
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Our transitional kindergarten - 8th grade students have an array of great curriculum as well as great programs!
Our athletic program is one of the many components involved in our desire to educate the whole person.
At Christ Lutheran, your child will have the opportunity to become part of a warm, caring Christian environment and will enjoy the many benefits of a challenging academic program.

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