christ lutheran school


  • I have two children (grade school & middle school) attending CLS and they both have had a great learning experience. Most of the teachers are very caring and nurturing. The teachers they have/had, have taken a great interest in making sure that the children understand the curriculum. Mrs. Curtis, Mrs. Annis, and Mrs. Smith (1st, 3rd & 4th grades) are in my children's opinions, the best teachers. They know how to capture the student's imagination and make learning fun. My middle schooler has really enjoyed all the outdoor education trips which begin in the 4th grade. The children are taught to be well rounded and the school takes part in a few community charitable events. If your child is advanced in math, they will allow them to take math with the higher grades if the child tests into it. All the teachers are credentialed and most have a Master s Degree. Each classroom does have a teacher s aide. As with any school, parent involvement plays a key role in a child s academic achievement. The campus is fully gated and they do have cameras throughout the school (which unfortunately is a good thing nowadays). The school also has a great PE and after-school sports programs.

  • I am a former staff member. I worked in the elementary school and preschool. I have worked at a few Christian schools and CLS was by far the best. The teachers care about all of their students and try to give them the best learning environment. Yes, there is disruptive students but I am sure every school has their share. I remember the outstanding parent involvement and various programs for students including art and science. I work at a public school now and I see the drastic difference in parent involvement. Yes, parents pay a lot of tuition but they are getting credential teachers with years of experience and good morals.

  • My kids attended CLS since preschool and graduated two years ago. Teachers are wonderful, academics are excellent. Principal's door is always open. Parental involvement is required which is wonderful. It gives you the opportunity to meet other parents and be involved in your child's activities. I recommend Christ Lutheran highly.

  • My children have been attending this school for 3 years now. I am very pleased with how well both have learned more than just merely academic knowledge but are also constantly being pushed to develop positive character traits. The tuition is comparable to any other private school in the area and the teachers make themselves very accessible to the parents. Also, parents are strongly encouraged to participate and school activities and even in the classroom at times. Schooling depends partially on the teacher but also the dedication of the parent to help and enforce what is being learned.

  • I have a child that been attending Christ Lutheran since preschool. She's now in the 6 grade. We are so grateful to have such a tight group of Teachers and Parents That get Involved with the students. It's a blessing to find a Good School in a nice community as south hills. Keep up the Good work Christ Lutheran. Our daughter has two more years there. Keep pushing her, and prepare her for high school. The Glory belongs to God.

    Donni Parent