• Mrs. Fanny Escamilla-Ngayan
    Mrs. Fanny Escamilla-Ngayan 5th Grade & 7th, 8th Spanish


5th Grade CA State Standards

CA State Board of Education – State Standards

5th Grade Friday Wrap Up

Under Construction

7th/8th Grade Spanish 11/12-11/15

Wednesday/Miercoles:  Finish Packet pages 1-5. Study new Spanish Spelling Words  

5th Grade Homework / Week of 11/12-11/15

Monday’s Homework: Veterans Day – NO School   Tuesday’s Homework: Reading Log – Log – 30 min of reading, summary, and parent/guardian signature Math: Pg 109 1-8  & Pg 110 1-6 ( Students can choose to divide by using partial quotients or simoly divide) Spelling : Alphabetize These Words ELA/Reading WB: Pg 72 1-7 Christmas […]

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