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    Mrs. Shari Smith 8th Grade Home Room

6th-week of May 4th

Week of May 4th Due on Sunday, May 10th Read pages 515-521 and complete guided reading 11-3. Read pages 522-523 in your history book and answer the questions on the attached document in Google Classroom. All handouts are on Google Classroom. Please turn in only to the classroom. Thanks! Google Classroom code: wsjhmh5  

7th-Week of May 4th

Week of May 4th Social Studies Due on Sunday, May 10th Please read pages 514-523 in your history book and complete quiz 11-1. Read religion handouts posted in Google Classroom and answer the questions that go with the readings. This will count towards your religion grade. English Due Sunday, May 10th Finish reading the book […]

8th-Week of May 4th

Week of May 4th  English Due Sunday, May 10th  Read pages 236-270 and write a 125-200 word summary telling me what happened on pages 236-270. It MUST be done through Google Docs and uploaded through the classroom. I WILL NOT read hand written summaries. If you can’t figure out how to type on a google […]

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